Forget ‘Luxury’

Have we been taught the concept of luxury? I’ve never understood luxury. Let’s take LV for example, why do we hold people to a higher class if they wear or carry a LV bag? What makes them more prestigious than the average person? Is it money? Is it because they have more zeros in their bank account than the average person?

Why does money determine our status among our fellow humans. To me love is the new money. If you’ve got love to give and positive energy then in my books you are rich and you have luxury instilled in you. There is a level above materialistic luxury and it’s the love level. When you have a love mindset and approach every situation with love, that’s what living feels like. 

You should try this, just stop. Whenever you have a negative thought or feel yourself getting depressed, sad, angry anxious whatever the negative emotion may be, try to look at that situation with love (disclaimer, if you have continued negative / depressive thoughts then please seek help from a professional). Maybe you’re a boss and you’re employees aren’t performing as you’d like and they seem lazy and you blame them, it’s their fault, right? Well let’s approach that situation with love. Let’s try to understand their situation, why aren’t they working hard? Take ownership and have a meeting with each and every one of them to find out why, you know what is a hard thing to do in this situation, self reflection - Maybe it’s you. Your management style isn’t working for them, they aren’t responding well. The day you look into the mirror and take extreme ownership over your life and every interaction you encounter, that’s they day you you live a more positive and fulfilled life.

I have got a bit off topic…. Do not get me wrong, luxury can be great, it’s nice to have shiny new things and live ‘comfortably’ and as humans I think one of our perceived ‘purposes’ is to get the newest thing. The new iphone comes out every year with one new feature and we CRAVE it, we need the newest flashy item. We need the newest BMW, Tesla or Audi - whatever it may be. Maybe it’s a case of keeping up with the Joneses, do you care about that? Are you worried about John down the street who gets a new car every year? Or are you more concerned with you and your circle?

Spending your time, energy and effort worrying about people that don’t bring love and positivity into your life can be very harmful. Spend time in love and experiences that push you forward and challenge you with people that lift you up. Anyone that doesn’t do this with you, cut them from that circle. Keep the positive ones close and share your love with them.

Remove hate and lead with love, feel inspired by those around you. Be a sponge, soak in the inspiration, don’t try to beat or tear someone down. We are not in competition with each other, we are not each others enemies. Appreciate their success, learn and do your own thing. The easy thing and almost the default human setting is to hate and bring that person down - “Look at this guy, trying to become a comedian.” Why not switch to: “Wow, good for him, I hope he makes it and I wonder if there's anything I can learn from him OR help him out with!”

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