Who is The Youth Revolt?

My name is Aaron and I am the founder and creator of "The Youth Revolt". If you're reading this right now - Thank you, thank you for supporting my dream. I've written this open letter to let you know who The Youth Revolt is and why we are a company.

To me the name means "The youth will rise and revolt against traditional ways of thinking." The Youth Revolt actually started in 2015 when I was 22. It originally started out as a place for young people to find cheap alternatives for fresh outfits. I would find cool looks from rappers and NBA players I idolised, like Westbrook, Kanye, Pharrel etc and document where you could find the same look for half the price. I always knew growing up I wanted to be involved in Fashion in some way, I just didn't know how, so I thought why not start an Instagram page! I then grew the brand to become more of a blog, where I would interview many Instagram Fashion icons to try to understand their world. I was hungry to learn.

To be honest the blog took a back seat to my busy schedule and I wanted to give like minded people something tangible, something they could wear. I am a firm believer that when you wear your favourite clothes you feel like the best version of yourself and you feel you can achieve anything. I want to give that feeling to people. The feeling of confidence, of self worth. Yes it may seem like this is a clothing store, but it is much more. I want to cultivate a community of people who feel proud to wear what they wear and to not conform into wearing what every one wears. Feel confident, feel good in what you wear and go out and change the world. If I can give one person a feeling of self worth when they step out of the house in the morning in a fresh vintage tee, then I am happy - Simple as that.

The second reason I created this store is because I was getting frustrated (and broke!) from paying $$$ for shipping from the US for all the vintage clothes I was buying. My mission is to bring dope clothes at affordable prices to Australia.

I love Vintage clothing because every item I sell are one off's, no two are the same. Each item has it's own story and can be worn and styled how ever the individual chooses. Also, I think we can all agree there are way too many clothes in the world already, do we need more?

My love for vintage was sparked by Round Two and Sean Wotherspoon, seeing the raw passion and excitement he and the team has for vintage clothes is amazing. Maybe I am crazy, but like those guys when I find a fire vintage item at a thrift store, either locally or online it literally makes my day. Knowing I can share that with you all, makes me even happier. I love finding hidden gems and sharing them with the world.

I am firm believer of hand picking all my items, and yes this does take me a lot of time and cost me more $$ but, I am in this for the love, so it makes it all worth it - I enjoy it. If there are items you want to see more of, please email me info@theyouthrevolt.com or DM me on Instagram, this store is for you and I am listening!

Thank you for supporting my dream,