How to customise your clothes.

We are now living in the age of the big brands. Big fashion houses like Stussy, Nike and Zara control the everyday man’s wardrobe. It wouldn’t be uncommon to walk down the street and see the men of Melbourne wearing the same brands. In reality, we don’t want to look like the guy next to us and wear what he is wearing, we want to stand out, be creative and express our sense of style. A great way to express yourself is through customisation of your existing clothes.

Customising your own clothes is easy.
All you need is: fabric markers, which you can pick up at spotlight for under $20 for a pack of 4, a pair of scissors, fabric paint and some ideas!

Customising a cotton t shirt is very easy, maybe you want to go for that grungy, rock band look by writing your favourite lyrics on the back of an old white t shirt and adding a few little tears to give it that vintage feel. You don’t necessarily have to be an artist for this, have some fun; write some phrases, draw some basic shapes and icons (you’ve always got the internet for inspiration).

If you’re unsure if you have all the tools to customise your clothes, fear not! You can use everyday items like bottle caps and cheese graters to distress and cut your clothes.

Customising denim is by far the most common. Adding rips, cuts and designs is super easy!

  • Step 1: Grab yourself a sharpie a draw a horizontal line where you want your rip sit, usually on the knee.

  • Step 2: Use scissors or a knife to cut a slit on the knee roll where you’ve drawn the line.

  • Step 3: Put on the jeans and stretch out the tear until you are happy (don’t go too crazy).

  • Step 4: You can always grab a cheese grater and lightly grate the jeans to give that distressed look.

  • Step 5: The final step is to add some text or song lyrics onto the jeans with that same sharpie you used to draw the outline in step one. You can always add some designs too! If you’re a terrible drawer like me…. Don’t worry luckily you can draw inspiration from Google, search for designs in the style you’re after, for example: “Rock and roll emblems” will come up with easy to copy designs!

Everyone’s doing it, from A$AP Rocky to Virgil Abloh, it seems that everyone loves customising their clothes and expressing their creative flair on to these wearable garments.

Let us know what you’ll be customising next and be sure to check out our custom denim jackets!

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