One year down - What I've learnt

🎉 One year on - What I’ve learnt.

I’ve learnt that having your own business is epic, exciting, rewarding and god damn stressful. Not everything goes right, when things are supposed to go right... they do not.. Shipments are late. Websites don’t work. Time zones are hard.

Through everything and all the hardships, man I’ve learnt a lot about business, vintage clothing, business relationships, marketing and myself.
All the challenging things that you’re faced with in business all turn out to be a lesson and I’d never ask to take them away because they’ve made the business what it is today.

This business has taken me all around the world and given me incredible experiences.

People will always tell you, now’s not the right time todo something. To be honest it’s never the right time todo anything - but you’ve just gotta do it. Nothing will ever be 100% ready and if you wait for that day - you’ll achieve a lot less. Life is to be lived. Live your dreams today and make it happen TODAY.

Lastly I want to say thank you. If you are reading this - Thank you for believing in me and my vision to bring dope clothing to Australia. I do the picking from around the world because I love it and what I love more is the feedback I get from my customers, people telling they used to have something similar when they were younger and when they wear the T-shirt it takes them back their childhood and that makes them so happy... man, it’s that!

Giving people confidence and lifting each other up is my number one goal and I love that I’ve been able to do that through The Youth Revolt. So in summary, Thank you to everyone who has bought something, liked or shared a post or spoken in a positive light about the brand.

Here’s to a HUGE 2020.

Thank you,

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