The 90's.

90s MJ Vintage fashion


The 90’s street fashion culture is slowly making its way into mainstream. Fashion icons like A$AP Rocky, Kanye West & Russell Westbrook have been spearheads in driving 90’s fashion back into the mainstream. 

The emerging trends that we’ve noticed in the last few seasons are the chunky sneaker look, with notable players in this field being Yeezy, Fila, Puma, New Balance and Balenciaga. The chunky sneaker look holds onto the 90’s look and feel but also has that high fashion look too. 

Puffer jackets and matching tracksuits are becoming more and more prevalent in mainstream society. A lot of rappers and celebrities have been seen in matching tracksuits from labels that were powerhouses in the 90’s such as: Kappa, Fila, Guess, Nike and Adidas to name a few. 

The emergence of the 90’s trend has seen some brands, especially Tommy Hilfiger & Nautica recreate and revamp their 90’s pieces to resonate with the current market.

It's the vibe that 90's clothing carries with it. I think it's that energy you feel when you wear a piece of culture from your youth. 90’s sportswear would have to be my personal favourite, as it takes me back to a time as a kid playing basketball in the yard with friends, and the only problem we had in the world was school on a Monday!

Another reason why 90’s vintage fashion has been so well received in today's world is because it is essentially recycled clothing. Fast fashion has come under the microscope of the media of late and consumers are becoming more socially and environmentally aware of their fashion purchasing behaviours. 

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